Dance Studio

All of our classes promote inclusion and education with both typically developing students and those with a disability. We are dedicated to promoting a positive, safe place where everyone is treated equally and fairly. 

We will update as teachers are needed! Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in teaching - We are constantly growing and willing to expand as we see fit!


Inspirations Dance Studio is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching all ages and skill levels the world of dance. We pride ourselves in making sure everyone has a chance to express themselves. We have made sure to implement a variety of diverse programs including: financial options for low-income families and dance classes for individuals with special needs. We are here to serve our community with highly trained staff and encouraging attitudes. There are classes offered in floor gymnastics, ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop for all ages and abilities. Everyone will have a chance to shine their brightest. 

~Live to Dance, Dance to Inspire~

Job Opportunities